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We provide order fulfillment services for TikTok Shop sellers, managing the entire process from storage to the shipment of your goods. Our focus is on delivering fast and reliable order fulfillment at a competitive rate, empowering sellers to thrive on TikTok Shop.

What is FBT ?

We store, pick, pack, and ship your goods to TikTok Shop customers.

FBT enables you to focus your time on content and growth on TikTok Shop UK.

FBT removes roadblocks and operational challenges by providing a high quality fulfillment experience.

The Benefits of
Using FBT

You can focus on creating engaging and memorable experiences for users with great content and creators, FBT takes care of storing your products, picking and packing them once orders come in, and ensuring they reach your customers quickly and securely.

Fast Delivery Deserves Notice!

We're thrilled to introduce the Next Day badge on TikTok Shop UK. When customers see this badge, they'll know that their favourite products will be at their doorstep in just a day. Enpowered by our 7-day-a-week fulfillment service, customer orders placed before the cutoff time will be delivered the very next day. Seamless, swift, and super efficient! Note: This special feature is currently exclusive to our dedicated merchants who utilise FBT.

Competitive Pricing

Great service and peace of mind don't have to come with a hefty price tag. FBT provides competitive rates that will impress high-volume sellers, but our exceptional rates are available to everyone. Additionally, we're rolling out a series of incentives to round off 2024, making our offering even more irresistible.Read more

Navigate Viral Success with Confidence!

Going viral? Let FBT manage the surge of orders that follow. Don't let an unexpected spike in orders jeopardize your customer experience. With FBT handling your fulfillment, you're free to concentrate on creating outstanding content. Choose FBT, and let your business shine seamlessly.

Enjoy FBT exclusive Merchant Protection

Enjoy a protected selling experience with our exclusive merchant protection policy. FBT ensures compensation for any lost inventory or revenue arising from FBT-related challenges.

Exploring FBT's Services That Fly Under the Radar

Need help fulfilling samples for Creators and Agency partners?

FBT is seamlessly integrated with TikTok Shop UK's Product Affiliate Marketplace. Creators and Agencies can request either free or paid samples through the portal. Once approved by you, FBT will manage the fulfillment, ensuring the same high-quality service your customers are accustomed to. Read more

Want to offer your customers varied bundles while retaining the flexibility to sell individual items separately?

FBT allows you to create a single virtual product composed of identical or different SKUs stored at FBT. Experiment with various combinations and promotions to discover what resonates most with your audience. When an order is placed, FBT will ship the individual items of the bundle together in the same package. Read more

Are you looking to provide your customers with a unique and customized shopping experience?

FBT is thrilled to introduce its brand-new TikTok Shop packages, meticulously crafted to deliver a premium shopping experience to your customers. Every package features the distinctive TikTok Shop logo, guaranteeing that your deliveries not only stand out but also make a bold statement upon arrival. Read more


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Items per Order: 1
Single Item Pricing Example
First Item Fee
2024 Sign-up Incentive
Additional Pick Fee
Packaging Cost(Bubble Mailer)
Estimated FBT Cost Per Order

* All pricing estimates listed exclude VAT.

* Packaging estimate is based on the size and dimension of the item.

* This is representative of most fees sellers will encounter, but for a full list of charges and Value Added Services please see the the full rate card here.

* If you have any additional questions please click the sign-up button below.

Estimate FBT Costs For Your Product

* All pricing estimates listed exclude VAT.

* Pricing is estimated based on inputs provided, pricing can be verified by reaching out via the ‘Sign-up Now’ button below.

* Storage charged at £0.5 CBM/day excluding VAT after free storage period.

FBT Rate Card


Platform Subsidy


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How does the subsidy for FBT work?
You will be charged upfront for the cost of fulfillment. Currently this is £0.79 excl VAT (£0.95 incl VAT) per order. FBT fully subsidises this amount per order for the first item. This subsidy will be returned to you via a bill credit. Additional details can be referenced at the following link.
Where can I find the full list of Value Added Services you Offer?
You can find all the Value Added Services in the "Value added service" section in the full rate card linked here.
What if I’m not sure if my products are eligible to inbound?
The maximum weight allowed per shipment is 20kg. Please note that any products considered dangerous, hazardous, or oversized (any side greater than 60 cm) are subject to approval prior to being inbound to FBT. You can add your goods on Pipak / Supply Chain Portal. The FBT team will contact you for additional information and documentation about restricted goods within one working day. If goods are non-restricted, they can be sent into a FBT Warehouse. Please check our Product Eligibility for more information.
Do all of my products need to be barcoded?
Yes, all individual SKUs must be barcoded. Labels should not be attached to the seams, corners, or edges of the outer packaging, nor should they be obstructed with adhesive tape. The recommended size for the barcode is larger than 4x6 cm.
Can I use FBT if I am based outside the UK?
FBT currently only supports UK local entities.
What shipping services does FBT offer to customers?
FBT offers Express Shipping to your customers seven days a week! Standard Shipping orders are processed from Monday to Saturday, giving your customers the flexibility to choose the most convenient delivery method for their needs.

Click Sign-up Now to link your TikTok Shop UK account with FBT and get started today!
With our 3-step process in our Getting Started Guide, you can get started with FBT in just a few clicks.

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